Wild Words

I was paging through the dictionary
looking for a word I had heard someone say
when suddenly, it appeared
before me.

It was a seldom used word,
not use to humans at all
and when I spotted it,
it jumped right off the page
and frantically began running, around the table
knocking over stuff,
searching the perimeter for an escape
and eventually hiding, under the rim, of a saucer.

I cautiously picked up the edge of the dish, and off it went again,
once more, madly trying to elude me, until finally,
I had to swat it, with my hand.

There it laid, a dying gasp of misconstrued letters,
a broken pile, of alphabetic characters,
a sad pile, of little black symbols
too wild,
for me to understand, or capture.

I swept the remainders into the dustpan, and thought about it for awhile
then warily returned to the dictionary
to approach my next subject,
this time, with a mental barrage of weapons, snares, and various nets and other devices
hopefully prepared enough, to be able to subdue
such elusive or wild, entities.

Over the course of time, I became somewhat successful
for even a blind pig, finds an acorn, once in awhile.

And if you ever find the time, to come and visit me
you will find,
all my trophy, text, tidings, and wild words,
prominently displayed and mounted
up on my
paper walls, of poems.

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Children, God’s Not In Charge Of

The Taliban
just executed over 130 children
in a Pakistani school
and we are watching
Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

The oceans
are polluted
with an estimated fourteen billion pounds of garbage every year
and we,
continue throwing our cigarette butts and empty plastic bottles
out of our car windows or burying them in the ground
to eventually pollute, all of our, drinking water.

People starve to death all over the world
and we pay someone to hit and catch a ball, $79,000.00 a day
even when he doesn’t play, every day of the year
and for just pennies a day
children could be saved from disease and starvation
and yet
we let twenty-one thousand kids, needlessly die every day
while we shower, our children
with evermore repulsive lyrics, music, and images.

I could go on and on
but why bother,
for I have even heard many people say
that God is in control, of what happens on this earth.

I’ve got news for them, he isn’t
and what does it matter
if we are only, an evolutionary animal.

But if God exists
like the vast amount of you, seeming tend to believe
I’m pretty sure
that he’s not very happy about all the misery and injustice
that we are reaping, upon ourselves.

I thought it might be good to remind you,
just in case
haven’t noticed.

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The Elephant

In kindergarten
I drew an elephant.
It’s the only thing I ever drew
that ever came close to resembling, what it was.
Perhaps that’s why I remember it, all these many years later.
I colored it gray, and it hung on the wall in Mrs. Beyersdorf’s classroom
in among all the other
little unintentional, avant-garde Picasso’s.

I was a proud realist, seemingly surrounded
by a gallery of nonlinear perspectives,
abstract depictions
and other surreal imagery.

A true artist
alone in his gallant fight
against the mob of popular opinion of the day.
The purple dogs and red cats, the half fish people,
the blue pumpkins the size of houses.

There I was, my elephant and green palm tree
on a paper crusade, under a yellow sun.

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Romantic Love Poem

I wanted to write a romantic love poem
and compare our love, to seas and stars
but every time I think of you
I wonder where the hec, you are?

Your lovely face, innocent as an angel.
Your shapely figure, Venus would despise,
these endearing qualities are just plain irresistible
but your assets are unfortunately, in the hands of other guys.

Now not that I am the jealous type
or the one, that rushes to quick judgement
but my lawyer is going to serve you my love poem
as soon as we find out, where you went!

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The Wild Imagination of Larsen Snieville

The Wild Imagination of Larsen Snieville, by Robert Ward is now available at www.robertwardpoet.com

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Circular Circularity

Circular Circularity, Robert Ward’s 8th book of poetry is now available at www.robertwardpoet.com

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Goose Weakness

Goose Weakness, Robert Ward’s 7th book of poetry is now available at www.robertwardpoet.com

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The Truthful Idiot

The Truthful Idiot, Robert Ward’s 6th book of poetry is now available at www.robertwardpoet.com

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Eternity’s Highway

Eternity’s Highway, the fifth book of poetry released by Robert Ward is available here 

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Summers Delight, a poem from Goose Weakness

Rolling down the street on a perfect summers day,

a fishing net, filled with pop cans and a small tackle box
poking out its corners and strewn over one shoulder
with not much of a burden

while fishing poles lay draped
across the handle bars of a good friends bike
and a five gallon bucket, dangles by the seat

as the wind and the day, catches scraggly haircuts and unkempt clothes.

They ride into their oblivious innocence
with adventure
being their only motive

and enough bait
their only concern.

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