Photos of Garden

Please click any photo to view as a slideshow.

5 Responses to Photos of Garden

  1. Rogene Patoka says:

    Great to have seen you at HuHots the other weekend.. and thanks for sharing your garden photos’ .. lots of hard work and sweat! I can tell you enjoy creating with nature. Looking forward to seeing you on the water kayaking this year. Also didn’t realize you have the talent to write poems.. You are just awesome.. Have fun with the saxaphone (I think that is what you bought in Appleton).. I’m still working on piano

    • Hi Rogene, although sometimes I consider myself wonderful, ( you will have to see the poem about this) I have never considered myself awesome, thanks for the comments, see you on the water, and now you girls are going to have to see the garden, Bob

  2. Debra says:

    Looking at the photos brings me back to the peaceful tranquility and magical wonder I experienced while sitting in the prized viewing chair on the deck last summer. Such a beautiful, serene space you’ve harmonized with nature, Bob. Thanks for sharing it with Mark and I.

    • Thank you Deb. I consider it the best thing I’ve ever done by a hundred fold. And Mark for doing such a marvelous job for little of nothing, helping me with the web site. You guys are welcome to stop any time, wether I am there or not, and please feel free to bring anyone you choose. A garden should be there to be enjoyed by many. I truly feel that if all of us could have such places, there would be a lot less termoil in this world. Tell Mark, if he wishes to put his name anywhere on the web site for advertizing purposes, it is more than fine by me.

  3. WoW~~~wOw~~~WOW~~~I am so totally impressed !!!

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