Kid Stuff

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I dreamed one night
I was soaring, on the breeze
tied to a slender string
high above, all the trees.

And the trees are tall
but the wind, rushes past
it lifts me above them
as long as, the wind lasts.

Like a kite in the sky
and the earth, down below
where did I come from
and where, would I go?

Would I fly too high
and would the string hold?
Am I too shy
or am I, too bold?

Did I hatch from an egg
or was I, born on a train?
Was I late for school
and should I cry, when it rains?

Does it really matter
if I have, all these thoughts?
Or are they somewhat different
from what, I was taught.

For fear is my restraint
and as fragile, as that might seem
I continue all my soaring
but only, in my dreams.

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