Seeing Things From a Distance

I look at things
a little different, than what I use to.

I suppose, most people do, but not all.

Now it seems, I’m not as close to things
as I use to be.

I’m somewhat, removed from the subject
with less attachment, less emotion
and hopefully, with less effort of question or worry.

For I’ve lived through tragedy.
I’ve lived through sorrow.
I’ve even lived through, not wanting to live.
And, I’m still here
watching, waiting, and just being, alive.

And the scenery, is about the same.
Perhaps, a little more convoluted,
a little more, controversial,
a little more, contentious.

But now
I’ve stepped back from myself
to watch from a distance
and my view, is a little less, entangled,

for I find,
no matter how much, I disapprove of the big picture
getting any closer to it
would simply
just obscure, my overall

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