Wild Words

I was paging through the dictionary
looking for a word I had heard someone say
when suddenly, it appeared
before me.

It was a seldom used word,
not use to humans at all
and when I spotted it,
it jumped right off the page
and frantically began running, around the table
knocking over stuff,
searching the perimeter for an escape
and eventually hiding, under the rim, of a saucer.

I cautiously picked up the edge of the dish, and off it went again,
once more, madly trying to elude me, until finally,
I had to swat it, with my hand.

There it laid, a dying gasp of misconstrued letters,
a broken pile, of alphabetic characters,
a sad pile, of little black symbols
too wild,
for me to understand, or capture.

I swept the remainders into the dustpan, and thought about it for awhile
then warily returned to the dictionary
to approach my next subject,
this time, with a mental barrage of weapons, snares, and various nets and other devices
hopefully prepared enough, to be able to subdue
such elusive or wild, entities.

Over the course of time, I became somewhat successful
for even a blind pig, finds an acorn, once in awhile.

And if you ever find the time, to come and visit me
you will find,
all my trophy, text, tidings, and wild words,
prominently displayed and mounted
up on my
paper walls, of poems.

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