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untitled poem from Stone Paths

the steam runs downhill, as it passes the round rocks and the northside moss, to gather itself in swirling pools, holding boats of leaves and waving branches, held low in its wake

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Inkling for Sprinkling, a poem from Stone Paths

The Inkling for Sprinkling;    Ah, it’s dry again no rain in sight. Maybe tommorow maybe I might, get out the sprinkler and hook up the hose. I wish it would rain but I wouldn’t suppose, that mother nature would be … Continue reading

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My Poetry Is

My Poetry Is Witty, charming, shallow, and bold childish, and infantile, so I am told. Bland, repugnant, with little insight concise, cohesive, and cuts like a knife. Rigid, repetitive, dull and bland sorry about those, but I am, what I … Continue reading

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I’m the House; from Paper Secrets

  The chair says hello window shades have arthritis the beds asleep on itself, dishes gossiping about the toaster the coffee table lost this game of solitaire and the  carpeting wants to play gin rummy. The radio is jealous of … Continue reading

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Fall Sunflowers; a poem from The Balance

Fall Sunflowers Hang their heads to the autumn breeze their days of summer past as they bow to October and the harvest. Above, the migration of columned geese. Below, the colors of the turning maples, oaks, and the golden milkweed … Continue reading

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For Now; a poem from Poetaster’s Soliloquy

For Now A delicate matter this living, breathing heart beating. For now and what tomorrow brings…

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